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How a forward thinking CIO did the unthinkable, before he did the impossible

Paul Schwefer is a highly experienced technology executive, who has led technology organisations and major transformations for some of the world’s largest enterprises. The key to his success is a visionary approach to building enterprises ‘as systems’ with both structured, open and flexible architecture, and a focus on creating cultures and organisational behaviours that make change possible.


How this CIO integrates IT and Business at the board level to make Digital Transformation really work

Phil Smith is a seasoned technology leader with experience in digital transformation across a variety of sectors, in mid to large size organisations. Understanding both Technology and Business is the key to his success.


How this Head of Strategy & Innovation creates €100m business opportunities

Alexander Haege is an innovative technology executive with experience driving technology and business model innovations in large complicated organisations — helping them transform into modern Digital enterprises. The key to his success is in understanding how to adapt new innovations into practical real world applications.


How an Architecture & Delivery Director uses a compelling vision to make change really happen

Dan Onions is an experienced Architecture & Delivery Director, working on major transformation programmes for some of the UK’s largest organisations. His key to success is a compelling vision and truly engaged stakeholders.


How this CTO uses his experience in large enterprises to build smarter fin-tech startups

Murtaza Kanchwala has developed his instinctive ability from years working in large enterprise environments, and applies that with a healthy dose of practical agility, to build the best B2B startups in the FinTech sector.


How two Technology Executives use Systems-Thinking to build Digital enterprises at scale and still innovate like a startup

Randolph Kappes & Bastian Gilles are Senior Technology Leaders at one of the Big Five consultancies, focusing on Digital Transformation for complex enterprises. Their big picture, strategic thinking, and pragmatic execution helps build lasting digital enterprises.


How this Executive Director guides large enterprises through the maze of complexity

Nikolaus Bubner is an Executive Director at EY Advisory Services in Germany who works on IT strategy and emerging technologies to help large global companies to transform their enterprises. His methodical and transformative approach ensures even the most complex of problems can be brought under control and developed into a modern enterprise.


How this CIO inspires and empowers people to build successful and enduring global IT organisations

Steve Walker is a senior technology executive in one of the world’s largest logistics organisations. His highly people-focused strategy has helped him build effective and enduring technology organisations that embrace change.


How this Technology Executive uses EA to manage complex enterprises

Ulrike Goose is a senior technology leader at a large Mobile Telco, helping transform their organisation and systems. Her strategic, long term vision coupled with effective roadmapping helps make the promised value of enterprise architecture a reality.

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